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  • 25 Ways to use videos to drive traffic and Conversions

    Different types of video should be used at different times to help your audience connect with your products and services. A new prospect has much different needs than an established customer. Find 25 ways to use the right type of video at the right time to increase traffic and conversions throughout the sales cycle. 1. […]

  • Video Marketing: Current trends

    The rise of video marketing has been one of the most exciting trends in recent years. To learn more about what’s happening in this space and what are the top predictions for the year ahead in Video Marketing check this out. 1. Bottom of the funnel Videos lead the list The concept of digital video […]

  • Identifying Your Audience

    Once you have a Facebook page set up, the next step is to identify your audience. Not only does Facebook allow you to reach more people, you can reach the specific group of people that are more likely to become your customers. In order to connect with your target audience you should consider what your […]

  • How to Establish Yourself or Your Business on Facebook

    Now that we understand the importance of social media and its role for your business, let’s take a closer look on how to establish yourself on Facebook. This includes setting up your Facebook page, identifying your audience, creating content, advertising, and measuring and adjusting things as needed. It is also possible to focus your Facebook […]

  • What Many People Do Not Understand About Social Media

    When it comes to social media there are no new fancy tricks to learn, social media is all about engendering interaction. Using social media is about compelling people consistently to engage with you and then share your content. This is the main purpose of social media and it applies across every network. There is no […]

  • Building Your Social Media Authority

    There are many ways that you can attract people to your website or blog, but many of these ways are out of your control, except for social media. Search Engine Optimization is obviously important, but it is a game of chance as you never really know how or when the search engines will crawl your […]

  • Video Marketing Introduction

    Traditional advertising has rightfully evolved into the world of content marketing, and personalized content journeys are replacing the one-size-fits all mentality of yesterday’s marketers. And as we’re all now seeing first hand, video has emerged as the medium of choice, not only for peer-to-peer content sharing and broadcast media, but also for brand-to-customer communications in […]

  • Building an Email List.

    Once you have set up your blog, you should start building your email list. To build a list you will need to set up an auto-responder. It is recommended that you use a reputable company such as Aweber or Getresponse. The more subscribers you have, the more expensive it becomes. In exchange for the persons […]

  • Paid Traffic vs Free Traffic

      With the increasing popularity of the internet more and more individuals are beginning to utilize the tools that the world wide web has to offer.  With the ability to efficiently market your business through online means, the benefits are relatively endless.  In order to acquire the brand awareness and exposure that you desire it […]

  • Making Money with Blogging

    Many individuals all over the world are constantly looking for new and revolutionary ways to acquire the funding that they need at the end of the month. With the growing popularity of blogging, more individuals are determining that they can participate in an activity that they enjoy, meanwhile being presented with the opportunity to make […]