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  • Building an Email List.

    Once you have set up your blog, you should start building your email list. To build a list you will need to set up an auto-responder. It is recommended that you use a reputable company such as Aweber or Getresponse. The more subscribers you have, the more expensive it becomes. In exchange for the persons […]

  • Paid Traffic vs Free Traffic

      With the increasing popularity of the internet more and more individuals are beginning to utilize the tools that the world wide web has to offer.  With the ability to efficiently market your business through online means, the benefits are relatively endless.  In order to acquire the brand awareness and exposure that you desire it […]

  • Making Money with Blogging

    Many individuals all over the world are constantly looking for new and revolutionary ways to acquire the funding that they need at the end of the month. With the growing popularity of blogging, more individuals are determining that they can participate in an activity that they enjoy, meanwhile being presented with the opportunity to make […]

  • What is WordPress?

    If you are not very familiar with blogging or managing your own website, you might have heard of WordPress, but aren’t too sure exactly what it is. WordPress is a personal publishing platform that focuses on usability, web standards and aesthetics. WordpPress is a type of software that will allow you to create your own […]