Once you have a Facebook page set up, the next step is to identify your audience. Not only does Facebook allow you to reach more people, you can reach the specific group of people that are more likely to become your customers.

In order to connect with your target audience you should consider what your ideal customers have in common, how old they are and where they live, and how your business can help them. You also want to consider whether a particular group would be more interested in targeted messages, services or products or maybe a timely offer or sale.

In order to build your audience you will need to encourage your current customers and supporters to like your new page. These are the people that are more likely to see your posts throughout their newsfeed. It is also a good idea to explore the options under the build audience button:

 Invite your Friends: this is the way to let the people that you know about the page so that they will be able to offer their support by liking it. This initial audience will help establish your credibility and spread the word about the page.

 Share the page: make sure that you like your page yourself and that you share it with your friends. You will need to be a spokesperson for your company.

 Invite business contacts: upload a list and send people an email to let them know about the new page.

It is important to remember that it is not about the number of likes your page has, but rather about genuinely connecting with people. If you take the time to connect they are going to help you tell your story and grow your business