Every affiliate marketer knows how important it is to build their list and to ensure it is highly targeted towards the niche they’re selling in.

There are thus a vast number of strategies that can be used to grow an affiliate list more quickly – and one of the most popular of these is to use a pop-over. Pop-overs are opt-in forms that appear over the top of a web page and thus are impossible to ignore. These then invite people to subscribe and they have to make a decision there and then to remove the box from the content. Unlike pop-ups (which appear outside of the browser) these don’t clutter up the desktop but they do still force an interaction.

Weighing It Up

Of course there’s a risk with pop-overs though, which is that they still interrupt the visitor and they’re still irritating as a result.

So are they worth it?

The clue here is to think about how many other blogs and websites use pop-overs: which is most of them. This tells you right away that they must have at least some value and indeed many bloggers will say that they increase their subscribers by several hundred percent at least.

But there are some caveats and some considerations to ensure you’re not unintentionally driving your visitors away:

  • Make sure that your pop-over is mobile friendly. Some plugins don’t let you close the pop-over on mobile which is highly frustrating.
  • Set the pop-over to appear only after a set duration. Wait until your visitor has read some of your content and thus shown an interest in your site before you market at them.
  • Avoid showing the same pop-over to repeat visitors. This can be avoided simply by using cookies and it’s a very handy feature.