When I turned 17, I followed in the footsteps of many of the men in my family and proudly joined the U.S. military.


After basic training, I spent the first part of my career in a light infantry Recon Platoon as a Scout Sniper and Spotter. Over the next 20+ years I made many moves and I saw many things, good and bad, like my fellow brothers and sisters at arms.

And while I love my country and am proud of my service, I was ready to move on after qualifying for my 20-year retirement plan.

There was just one problem …

I had no idea what to do next!

I knew I wanted personal, professional, and financial freedom … and I knew that there were ways to achieve that online … but I didn’t know HOW to get started.

That is, until I discovered the “system” that changed my life.

The year was 2014.

I was deployed in Afghanistan assisting the Afghan Army rebuild.

I remember sitting on a makeshift bed inside a sweatbox plywood room about the size of a prison cell.

All I had was a laptop, a bad Internet connection, and a will to succeed.

I knew I needed to figure out a plan for the next chapter of my life, so I began searching for ways to make money with an online business.

That’s when I discovered something that was making other people up to $100,000 per year or even more!

I call it …PFS